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BONDED AND INSURED WITH 17 years experience


About Dust Free Hardwood Floors

Dust Free Hardwood Floor Finishing has been selling, installing and refinishing hardwood flooring for 17 years.  We are well known for our craftsmanship and knowledge of hardwood flooring.  We pride ourselves in making your hardwood floor installation and or refinishing as SIMPLE and HASSLE FREE as possible. 

In our experience with hardwood floors, we've recognized a few problems that prevented homeowners from refinishing their hardwood floors.  Although the floors needed to be sanded and refinished, many people put it off because they didn't wish to deal with the dust and headaches.  As a result, their floors looked worse and worse, ending up being more costly to repair.   So, 17 years ago, we decided there had to be a better way and developed our Dust Free Sanding System, the first company in the nation to do so.  With our powerful trailer mounted vacuum and our patented dust collection system, we now hook-up hoses to all our sanders and refinish your hardwood floor 100% Dust Free!  This means there is no need to tape of your cabinets, cover your furniture, or seal off the work area with plastic.  The dust simply gets sucked out of your home and never gets airborn.  We've proven this hundreds and hundreds of times.

Our experienced team of hardwood floor specialists can bring your old wood floors back to their original beauty and luster using proven techniques and only the highest quality materials.

We use both oil and water-based finishes and don't limit ourselves to one or the other because there are times when one is more appropriate than another. We,ve used the the same two finish manufactuars for the past 17 years for one reason.  We wouldn,t put as much care into our work only to use cheap finishes.  Also, with us, it is three coats of finish not just two. Ultimately, your investment pays off with long-term wear using a quality finish.


  • Installations
  • Refinishes
  • Repairs
  • Recoats
  • Insurance Claims
  • Owner on every job

.    Staple Down Hardwood Installation
.    Glue Down Hardwood Installation
.    Laminate Installation
.    Engineered Installation
.    Pre-finished Hardwood Installation
.    Unfinished Hardwood Installation
.    Removal of Old Floors
.    Sub-floor Installation
.    Base Board Installation
.    Custom Staining - Sanding - Finishing

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